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Aerial Marketing -  Videography - Photography - 3D Mapping

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Midwest Aerial Productions utilizes drone videography and photography to provide the highest quality product in various ways.  



Without the agricultural industry we wouldn’t be able to survive, it is the backbone of our society. By them providing everyday necessities, we work to enhance their importance in all of our lives.

Branding and Events

There is no better way in todays world to market yourself than providing video evidence utilizing aerial cinematography.  

Printing and Design

Need a new look but don't know where to start?  We work with local businesses to utilize a variety of printing and design needs to help you take your ideas to the next step.

Real Estate

One of the most attractive industries for aerial views, is Real Estate. By capturing a properties unique qualities from a drones eye view, landowners and real estate agents are able to showcase the value and uniqueness of each property. 

UAV Mapping

Providing detailed maps with aerial images, we can help a tremendous amount of companies in various industries, analyze data like never before.

Thermal Imaging

Utilizing top of the line FLIR technology we can create visual and thermal imagery for heat mapping of roofs, locate lost individuals, and more.


Bringing Together a Community of Freelancers

Midwest Aerial Productions specializes in bringing together a community of freelancers to help everyone perfect their craft. If you are interested in joining our team, go to our community page to learn more about how to get started!

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Tap Into our Neighborhood of Knowledge

We build relationships with anyone and everyone that has a pursuit to show the world their narrative. We work with local businesses, in various industries, to help promote your project no matter where you are located. Visit our resources page to learn more.

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